BModesto | About us
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About us

Every day we strive to guarantee the quality of our
products and to earn the trust of our
customers and suppliers

We are BModesto

Customers demand a good product at a competitive price and want to work with partners that they can trust. At BModesto, we work every day to earn and protect that trust. How? By keeping our promises and by making sure we know what we are talking about. Most of our team members are highly experienced in this branch of business.

Contacts with customers and suppliers also run smoothly. As a result, we have managed to build up a large international network that continues to grow. That is why we can offer the best products on the best available terms – day in, day out.

A brief history: we founded BModesto in 2014. We started with a small team and a small office. Now, more than 80 professionals work at BModesto. We have constructed a new building that is fully equipped with every necessity. We moved to his new location in early 2019. It is a place that enables us even better to guarantee the high quality of our products. In addition, it is a place where work is a joy.


Roy van Voorst

Managing Board

Michael Hendriks

Managing Board

Lolita Kruiswegt

Logistics Manager

Nathascia Hendriks

Project Manager

Linda van Bruijnsvoort

Manager Regulatory Affairs

Dianne Hakbijl

Finance Manager

Kees van Daatselaar

Manager Pharmacies

Hemmo Dankbaar

Manager Pharmacies

Soraya Kramer

Manager Hospitals

Renske de Groote

Manager Hospitals

rogier lange bmodesto
Rogier Lange

Qualified Person / Responsible Person

Josta de Jong

Qualified Person / Responsible Person

Esther Kool

Manager HR

Marco Moehring

Commercial Director

Bas Hupkes

Manager Research & Development

Nando van de Streek

Manager Purchase Department

Jolanda de Rooij

Inside Sales Manager

Vincent de Vries

IT Manager