BModesto | What we do
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What we do

We deliver high-quality medicines at a
competitive rate


Parallel import boils down to importing medicines from countries where the price of purchase is lower than in the Netherlands. However, the drug is identical to the Dutch variant. The country of origin differs depending on the time and the type of medicine. The countries in question are all EU nations with which the Netherlands can engage in free trade. The European network of BModesto is large and we are free to choose our own suppliers. As a result, we can switch quickly when necessary to provide you with a product identical to what you desire at a more competitive price.


Parallel import
Clinical trials


Researchers are constantly working on the development of new or better medicines. As an international wholesaler, we follow these developments closely and are happy to contribute to this.

To demonstrate safety and efficacy, there is often a great need for a comparable product. Because of our specialized knowledge of the market and various supply channels, we at BModesto are ideally situated to serve your needs.

In 2018, we founded our sister company BMclinical that specializes in the sourcing for clinical trials to safeguard the quality of our products.