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The benefits for pharmacists, hospitals
and wholesalers

Your benefits

For you, as a pharmacist, hospital staff member or wholesaler, parallel import and collaboration with BModesto have the following benefits:

  • identical medicines at competitive rates
  • no distribution fees to our national clients
  • extensive range of products
  • optimize your range of products
  • fast and reliable delivery
  • highest possible quality

Help with setting up your systems

Our service goes one step further. The ‘hassle’ about setting up systems sometimes prevents customers from making the necessary switch. Our people are happy to help you. Thanks to our many years of experience in this business, we can set up your systems correctly and thus ensure a smooth transition. This service is free of charge and guarantees the best return on your investment.

You can help determine our range of products

Another advantage: BModesto is entirely independent. As a result, we have a wide range of products, not bound by agreements with other stakeholders, and we are able to adapt the range of products on offer to fit your needs. If we do not carry the product you need, we will gladly find it for you.

For all our national customers: Did you place your order before 16:00? We’ll deliver it the next day.

Our Quality control

Working with medicines means we need the highest quality in our processes! Quality is not just important, it is an absolute must. At BModesto we monitor the quality of our products throughout the entire process. We have a quality control department with certified employees and qualified persons. At BModesto, we go one step further beyond the legal requirements.

Selection of suppliers:

  • Extensive screening
  • Assessment of many aspects
  • Risk analysis

Annual inspection supplier

  • Checking of permits
  • Analysis and handling of complaints

Transport from supplier to BModesto

  • Extensive screening
  • Assessment on many aspects
  • Risk analysis
  • Checking of trip data
  • Checking of products upon delivery

Processing at BModesto

  • Careful monitoring of every step of the process
  • One chief officer responsible for each step of the process
  • The process is under the supervision of our quality control manager


  • All areas are certified and conditioned
  • All areas are equipped with temperature sensors

Curious about this process?
Come see it with your own eyes.